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Bicycle insurance guide in 2023: Do bicycles need insurance?

Do bicycles need insurance in 2023? And is bicycle insurance worth it for the extra costs?

In simple terms, bicycle insurance is not a legal requirement. However, investing in bicycle insurance is recommended in the long run, especially if you travel or race on your bike often - as it will cover you for any unfortunate damage or theft cases.

Bicycling isn’t just about having the right gear. A good bike also needs good insurance. There are many different insurance policies to choose from and you might even question whether it is even worth getting insurance. In this article, we'll explain what bicycle insurance is and why you might want to consider it.

What is Bicycle Insurance?

Regardless of how you use your bike, whether for commuting or simply casual riding, you’ve probably wondered if there is a way for you to park your ride safely. While there is no law requiring bicyclists to insure their bikes, you should probably think about getting a policy if you are worried about your expensive bike.

Bicycle insurance is a financial policy that helps cover the costs in case something happens to your bike. This is usually theft or some form of damage, though some types of insurance also cover more than that.

Looking for the best bicycle insurance might seem intimidating at first. And while it is tempting to buy the most expensive policy so you’ve got everything covered, you should carefully consider the terms of each particular policy. Insurance tends to account for the make, model and condition of your bikes, the number of bikes you want to insure, and even your bicycle security system – such as locks.

The best way to get a lower premium while also getting more for your money is by asking around. A bicycle insurance comparison can help you weigh the pros and cons of each deal. And there are also a number of bicycle insurance calculators that you can use to help even more.

Do bicycles need insurance by law?

Again, there is no law mandating insurance, and deciding to have your bikes insured is entirely up to you as the owner. An insured bike means that you can avoid some unnecessary costs in the event of an accident. Insurance policies usually cover a number of situations, such as personal damage, use during competitions, cycling while abroad and third-party liability in the event that someone damages or steals your bike.

Cyclists also don’t usually have to pay road tax. Now known as the Vehicle Excise Duty in the UK, this tax is mainly implemented for vehicles that produce carbon emissions. Bicycles, having none at all, are exempt from such a tax.

What Is the Cost of Insurance on a Bike?

The cost of bicycle insurance is usually dependent on the package offered, along with what type of bike it is. Some providers are known to cover all types of bikes from road bikes to hybrids and even hybrid bikes, with Aviva offering similar coverage. Insurance costs tend to vary and depend on a number of factors, with theft and damage being the main costs covered by most plans.

Finding the best bike insurance can be overwhelming. The options are just as diverse, from commercial bike, multi bicycle, and even electric bicycle insurance plans.

These are just several of the questions you might ask yourself. When you compare bicycle insurance in the UK, many providers usually have detailed lists on their website to help you decide which plan to choose.

Is bicycle insurance worth it?

Many factors can influence your decision to get insured if you’ve ever asked yourself “is bicycle insurance worth it?”. The UK in particular has had issues with bike theft in recent years, and protecting yourself financially is important.

Please keep in mind that getting insured doesn’t end all your troubles. A provider will expect you as the owner to look after your own bike, so here is an important tip to help you ensure the safety of your bike. Take photos of your bike with the date attached and register it. It should make it easier to prove ownership if you ever get asked about it, and it helps when you need to talk to your insurance company for claims.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the reasons why bike insurance matters, you should be able to weigh your options and decide why you need it. When looking for the best bicycle insurance, always consider what your situation is. Do research, ask providers about their policies and don’t forget to compare. Finding the bicycle insurance most suited for you will help you in the long run.


Now that we’ve covered answering the question of “do bicycles need insurance?” along with reasons on why bike insurance matters, you should now be able to weigh your options and decide why you need it.

When looking for the best bicycle insurance, always consider your current situation. Do research, ask providers about their policies, and don’t forget to compare. Finding bicycle insurance that best suits your cycling needs will help you in the long run.

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