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Peace of mind
Beameo style

Buying and owning an e-bike can be a daunting prospect. With so many options when buying and then learning how to maintain it properly once owned, e-bike ownership can be seen as a little complicated at first glance.


It doesn’t have to be that way though. We believe that we should make your buying and ownership experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. By accessing our community page you can enjoy maintenance and security tips as well as competitions and special offers on e-bike accessories.


However, the greatest peace of mind that we can offer is ensuring that we are here to help when needed and that we offer you a comprehensive warranty.

So how does the warranty work?

All Beameo bikes enjoy the following warranty and are covered by a Wales based warranty team.


5-year frame warranty (against failure through material or manufacturer defects)

5-year motor warranty

12 months warranty on forks, components and battery.


The warranty period commences from your date of purchase.


Consumable items such as tyres, inner tubes, grips, brake pads/rotors and chains are not included in this warranty. These items will wear from first ride and so it is impossible to assess what is manufacturing fault and what is simply wear and tear on these items. The only time we can consider a warranty claim on these items is if they arrive damaged in the box. 


All warranty is subject to correct usage, maintenance and care of the product and only covers manufacturing defect. Any misuse, commercial use/hiring, rider fault, accidental damage or contamination (including water ingress not caused by faulty manufacture) will not be covered under the warranty.


Please note that ANY modification of the frame, motor or battery will void the warranty.


The warranty is not transferrable and only applies to the original owner from new.


If you have a warranty question or would like to make a warranty claim, please email with the following information:


  • Model of bike

  • Date of purchase (with proof of purchase)

  • Order Number

  • The email and shipping address you used when placing the order and, if applicable, your current address if different

  • Details of the problem encountered with pictures of the area/issue

  • Information on when you first noticed the problem and whether it has worsened or remained the same since noticing it

  • Details of any repair work done to the bike by yourself or a qualified mechanic


Our UK based warranty technicians will come back to you once they have assessed the claim with the outcome and/or more questions to further identify any problem. If the claim is not accepted a reason will be given and advice offered as to how to rectify the problem.


If the claim is accepted the technician will explain how to return the bike (if required) and Beameo will arrange collection from your home address at no expense to yourself. Once rectified the bike will then be returned to your home address. However, please DO NOT send the bike back to us without prior agreement with us. It may not be necessary to send the whole bike back so please wait for us to confirm the best action to take.


For any repair outside of warranty Beameo is able to sell you the parts required at affordable rates. Please just contact us if you cannot find the correct part on the website and we will gladly help you.

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