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Where to Test Ride a Beameo Bike

Rediscover Joy: Test Ride A Beameo Today!

Here at Beameo, we’re not found in a standard brick-and-mortar shop. We exist somewhere in the matrix, in the land of the internet. But, that’s not to say we don’t have bikes out in the wild! We know the importance of being able to try a bike for size, test it out, see how it feels, fall in love, buy more bikes (and repeat).

So, with that said, if you’d like to try one of our electric bikes, you can! We’ve partnered with some rather great people who have real-life bicycles in their shops for you to try. Fancy, eh? If there’s nowhere in your area at the moment get in touch! We will be looking to expand locations in the future, we’d love to give everyone the opportunity to try a Beameo.

A man and woman riding Beameo bikes

Beameo Test Ride Locations


We are at Electroheads!

They share our mission of trying to get more people on two wheels! They launched in 2020 and since then have grown substantially! They have a shop, website and YouTube channel and do just about everything with electric bikes and scooters.

You can now test ride our range at Electroheads. However, they are only open for tests during spring and summer. But you can still go in and check out our bikes. You can even see what they think of our bikes, as they’ve tested both the Unbound and the Classic!

You can find them at:

Unit 13, The Leather Market

11-13 Weston Street



Fix Your Cycle

Fix Your Cycle has three cycle repair hubs throughout London. They are on a mission to get more people on bikes, and are doing some really cool things to achieve it!

Fix your Cycle have our Beameo Classic and Beameo Buddy bikes for you to test ride. Test rides take 45 minutes and give you the chance to learn about the bikes, test them out and ask any questions you might have!

Fix Your cycle bike shop storefront

Come along with us as we visit for a test ride!

You can find them at:

5 Weaver Walk

Wembley Park



Become a Beameo Test Centre

Want to become a test centre? Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you. If you want to spread the joy of riding bikes, you’re exactly what we’re looking for. Get in touch with us on for more information.

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