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Lezyne Pocket Drive Tyre Pump

Lezyne Pocket Drive Tyre Pump


When we set up Beameo, the team suggested the ideal accessories to offer you based on their combined years of bike and e-bike ownership. Every team member mentioned the Lezyne tyre pumps! Durable, reliable and able to offer you years of trouble free use this pump is unrivalled on the market in our honest opinion.


The Pocket Drive is an amazingly compact and lightweight bicycle hand pump featuring plenty of pumping efficiency. It’s constructed from durable CNC machined Aluminium - no cheap plastic here -  and has a handle that’s lightly knurled for slip resistant operation. With its overlapping handle and integrated ABS Flex Hose, it's a Lezyne hand pump which offers performance unmatched for its size. This hand pump is both Presta and Schrader valve compatible, and it’s completely rebuildable for continued use at a high level. It's a pump for life!


Max Pressure: 160psi / 11bar.
Weight: 79g
Length: 140mm

Colour: Grey



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