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Lezyne Lever and Patch Kit

Lezyne Lever and Patch Kit


The Lezyne Lever kit is an all-in-one patch kit and tyre lever combo for those times when a quick puncture repair is needed. Small enough to carry in your pocket and the contents can be bought separately when required.


This all-in-one patch kit and tyre lever combo comes in a red aluminium case and holds a tyre patch kit and tyre levers  (tyre levers serve as press-fit end caps). The Lezyne Lever kit includes six glueless patches, tyre boot and stainless steel scuffer. The composite matrix levers are super durable and easy to use.


The kit we offer comes in the red alluminium case show as opposed to the silver one also shown (this is merely for content display purposes).


• Scuffer (to rough the tube surface before sticking the patches on)
• 6 glueless patches
• 1 tyre boot (will patch a small hole or tear in the tyre to get you home) 
• 2 Power tyre levers.
• 50g




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