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Rediscover Joy

Reignite nostalgia. It’s just like riding a bike. Experience cycling in a whole new way with a Beameo.

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No Sweat!
Your Ride Simplified

Simple, easy and stress-free. Save time and money. Ride the Beameo way. 

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Look good, ride effortlessly and cycle up to 60KM on a single charge with the Beameo Classic.

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Change Your

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Happiness is a life lived on two wheels. 

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Looking for a foldable, electric sidekick for effortless enjoyment? The Beameo Buddy is versatile, fun and easy to store.

Find Your Perfect Match

There's not much that beats the feeling of new bike day. That knock on the door, unpacking the box. The maiden voyage, the wind in your hair. 

From planning a route to organising your rides. You'll discover new places, have a favourite coffee stop and get lost along the way. Sound good? The only thing left to do is choose your perfect bike. 



Want to know what your warranty includes? Find all the details here.

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At Beameo, we offer more than just a bike. Join our community for offers and news, exclusively for you.

More than just a bike

See us in action

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