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Lezyne Power Tyre Levers (Black)

Lezyne Power Tyre Levers (Black)


Tyres are not always keen to come off the rim for repair. As such your choice of tyre lever will make or, literally, break your ability to repair a puncture. Cheap plastic ones break far too easily and, in our opinion, are a false economy. As with any tool, buy well and buy once!


Lezyne Power Levers are strong, fibre reinforced tyre levers with spoke hooks.

Made from a strong, fibre reinforced Composite Matrix material, its aggressive hook geometry makes tyre removal easy. The Lezyne Power lever has a comfortable, wide handle design to help your grip and are black in colour (not white as shown in the image).

• Aggressive hook geometry
• Easy tyre removal
• Comfortable, wide handle design
• Integrated spoke hook (helps keep the lever in place as you work)


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